Supplementary benefits


The purpose of supplementary benefits

Supplementary benefits are available to help meet specific costs that cannot be met from a client’s usual income or from other sources. Costs that may be met by supplementary benefits include:

Most supplementary benefits are paid on an ongoing basis. Supplementary benefits can also be paid:

What if people need help with more than one of the costs covered by supplementary benefits?

People can receive more than one supplementary benefit.

Payments of some supplementary benefits can cover more than one person. For example, a client may receive payments of the Childcare Subsidy that cover more than one child. For supplementary benefits where this is possible, this report shows information on the total number of people covered by the payments received.

Who can receive supplementary benefits?Top

Under the Social Security Act 1964, Work and Income delivers supplementary benefits to:

Supplementary benefits help clients having difficulty meeting from their usual income the specific costs covered by supplementary benefits.

The eligibility for supplementary benefits usually depends on income and assets.