Services to students

Student Job Search

MSD contracts Student Job Search to:

Work and Income also helps students in areas where Student Job Search is not available21.

During the summer holiday period, StudyLink, Work and Income and Student Job Search work together on a range of initiatives to help tertiary students to get employment. This includes Student Job Search and Work and Income exchanging information at a regional level about relevant job opportunities, and promoting work opportunities to students.

21On 30 September 2011, Student Job Search (SJS) made changes to its delivery model, including closing its regional offices. Students can go online at to view all SJS job listings and can contact SJS through its 0800 number.

System changes during the first quarter of 2012 provided a range of new services aimed at increasing the number of students engaging with SJS to secure jobs and the quantity and value of jobs employers register with SJS. These services included:
  • alerts for jobs matching students
  • online job applications
  • volunteer jobs to support students to gain work experience
  • graduate jobs.