Services to students


MSD provides Student Support payments to students through its StudyLink service line9.

What assistance is available for students through StudyLink?

The assistance available to students through StudyLink comprises:

Who is eligible to receive this assistance?

In general terms, eligibility depends on:

Further information on eligibility or entitlement for each type of assistance is provided in the following sections.

This report provides statistics for services to students covering the calendar years 2007 to 2011. The eligibility and entitlement descriptions are those that existed in 2011, except where otherwise stated.

Current eligibility and entitlement criteria, which differs in some important respects from the period covered by this report, is available at

9Students may also be eligible for some types of support through Work and Income.
10MSD contracts Student Job Search to help tertiary students looking for holiday and in-term employment. Work and Income also helps students in areas where Student Job Search is not available.