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SuperGold Card

Assistance available using the SuperGold Card

The SuperGold Card is a discount and concessions card issued to all eligible seniors and veterans. It is issued to recognise the contributions seniors and veterans have made, and continue to make, to New Zealand society.

The SuperGold Card was launched on 29 August 2007, and gives access to:

How long are SuperGold Cards valid for?

Before June 2010, SuperGold Cards had an expiry date three years after issue.

Since June 2010, SuperGold Cards have been issued with no expiry dates unless they are endorsed to show a Community Services Card entitlement. Cards endorsed with a Community Services Card entitlement continue to have expiry dates of between one and three years after issue, depending on the cardholder’s income proximity to the threshold.

Photo SuperGold Cards are available

Since October 2007, SuperGold Card holders have the option of having their photograph added to their card.

Two percent (14,711) of the 596,718 SuperGold Card holders at the end of June 2012 had a photograph added to their card.

Use of transport concessions

Free off-peak travel on buses, trains and ferries, excluding inter-regional travel, has been available to SuperGold Card holders since 1 October 2008. This concession is funded by the Ministry of Transport.

Over 35 million free off-peak trips have been taken by SuperGold Card holders between 1 October 2008 and the end of June 2012.

In the year from July 2011 to June 2012, over 10 million free off-peak trips were taken.


To be eligible for a SuperGold Card a person must be:

– a Veteran’s Pension (in their own right or as a non-qualified spouse), or
– New Zealand Superannuation as a non-qualified spouse

Community Services Cards and SuperGold Cards are combined for users of both cards

Recipients of New Zealand Superannuation may be granted both a Community Services Card and a SuperGold Card and receive a combined card. These clients have their Community Services Card details printed on the reverse of their SuperGold Card.

New Zealand Superannuation clients are required to renew their entitlement to the Community Services Card on a regular basis depending on how close their income is to the threshold.

The number of participating businesses accepting SuperGold Cards is growing

When the SuperGold Card was launched, there were 188 participating businesses providing discounts through 2,215 outlets around the country. At the end of June 2012, there were 3,665 participating businesses and 7,930 outlets.

Numbers of SuperGold Cards on issueTop

The number of SuperGold Cards on issue increased between 2008 and 2012

This increase (see table SG.1) reflected the ageing of the population, which meant more people became eligible for the card.

Between 2008 and 2012, the proportion of SuperGold Cards on issue which included a Community Services Card entitlement decreased from 61% to 51% (see table SG.1). This reflected the increase in the number of New Zealand Superannuation clients turning 65 years who continued to work, and whose income was above the Community Services Card threshold.

table SG.1: Categories of current SuperGold Card holders

SuperGold Cards with and without Community Services Card inclusion Numbers of SuperGold Card holders1
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
SuperGold Card with Community Services Card inclusion 321,293 311,132 303,312 299,873 301,580
SuperGold Card with no Community Services Card entitlement 203,915 227,751 252,871 273,958 295,138
Total SuperGold Cards on issue 525,208 538,883 556,183 573,831 596,718


  1. Number of SuperGold Card holders as at 30 June.