Introduction to The Statistical Report


Information in the report

This information:

The report also places this information into a broader population context.

Some of the statistics presented in this report are available for earlier years, on request from MSD. Contact the Ministry at, or at PO Box 1556, Wellington 6140, New Zealand.

We anticipate this information will be of value to anyone working in the social services sector, in either a policy, research or service delivery capacity, and will also be of wider general interest.

MSD is grateful for the assistance of staff from all of its service lines in the production of The Statistical Report.

Report structureTop

The structure of The Statistical Report reflects the different types of services provided by MSD.

The report begins with a high-level summary of trends in benefit use. Information in the remaining eight sections is organised around the types of services provided:

  1. Main benefits – eligibility for and use of main benefits, such as Unemployment Benefits and Invalid’s Benefit.
  2. Supplementary benefits – eligibility for and use of supplementary assistance, such as Accommodation Supplement and Childcare Subsidy.
  3. Hardship assistance – eligibility for and use of other assistance available for people in hardship, such as benefit advances and Special Needs Grants.
  4. Employment services – eligibility for and use of employment services provided by Work and Income.
  5. Superannuation and pensions – eligibility for and use of New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension.
  6. Child, Youth and Family – a link to information about services provided by Child, Youth and Family and about the use of those services.
  7. Services to students – eligibility for and use of services to students provided by StudyLink and by Work and Income.
  8. Other services – other services to the public and to the Government provided by MSD, such as Community Services Cards and payment of pensions and benefits overseas.

To help you to find information quickly, the online version of the report includes an alphabetical subject list. This list will allow you to click through to the information you want.

Scope of the reportTop

Period covered by the report

The report focuses on the period from 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2012. The descriptions of trends summarise changes during that period, and are not a complete record of historical trends.

Treatment of welfare reform

A large number of changes to the way MSD delivers assistance have been made since the end of June 2012. As these changes are outside the timeframe covered by the report, they are not discussed in this document.

This report is focused on describing the administration of the benefit system during the period covered by the report (July 2007 to June 2012). This is done to assist readers who require more information on how the benefit system worked during that period.

For information about changes to the benefit system since June 2012, see MSD’s Annual Report for the year ended June 2013 at, or contact the Ministry at or at PO Box 1556, Wellington 6140.

Key changes to the reportTop

The report has been restructured to emphasise factors behind the high level changes in the use of assistance. Some information about the characteristics of those receiving assistance is also provided.