Employment services


Services available

Work and Income provides a range of employment and training assistance to help clients to gain paid employment.

This assistance may be of varying intensity. Less intensive assistance includes:

More intensive employment and training assistance includes:

Were any work services introduced specifically in response to the recession?

In July 2009, Work and Income introduced:

All these programmes were closed to new participants on 30 June 2011. However, some clients who began participating in these programmes before 30 June 2011 continued to do so during the year ended June 2012.

These services were replaced by Job Streams from 1 July 2012.

Who is eligible?Top

Work and Income helps a range of people to find and stay in paid work.

To qualify for less intensive assistance, a client must be:

In addition, to qualify for more intensive work assistance, a client must generally be:

Where appropriate, intensive work services may be provided to clients who are aged under 18, or who are not receiving a main benefit, but who are:

Who can receive intensive work services because of disadvantage in the labour market?

A range of factors is taken into account in determining whether a person can receive intensive work services because they are disadvantaged in the labour market. These factors include:

Can people already working receive work services?

Work services may also be provided to support people who are currently working. These work services are provided to help the client to:

Work and Income offers a range of other services to help job seekers into paid employment. These services include job search skills, work confidence programmes and opportunities for on-the-job training.