Alphabetical subject list


Accommodation Benefit, payable to students

Accommodation Supplement

Aged care, assistance with costs

Assistance with caring for sick or disabled children

Assistance with childcare

Assistance with childcare, preschool children

Assistance with costs of out-of-school care

Away from Home Allowance


Benefit advances

Benefit fraud and abuse

Benefit recipients declaring other income

Benefits for people in training

Benefits for sole parents


Care and rehabilitation, assistance with costs

Carer's benefits

Caring for others, benefits available

Changes to the benefit system

Child Disability Allowance

Child, Youth and Family (CYF)

Childcare assistance available

Childcare Subsidy

Children dependent on beneficiaries

Civil unions

Clients owing money to MSD

Community Services Card

Costs of preschool childcare, assistance available

Costs of after school childcare, assistance available

Costs of disability, assistance available

Course Participation Assistance

Current work testing


Data matching programmes

Data sources

Definition of official unemployment

Dependents of beneficiaries, children

Disability Allowance

Disability, main benefits available for long-term conditions

Domestic Purposes Benefits, definition


Emergency Benefit

Employment services


Financial assistance

Financial hardship, benefits available

Foreign pensions paid into New Zealand

Free early childhood education, use with Childcare Subsidy

Future Focus, policy changes to the delivery of assistance


General portability provisions, payments overseas


Hardship assistance

Historic benefit numbers


Ill-health, benefits available

Inadequate income, assistance available

Inadequate income, historic assistance available

Income testing

Independent Youth Benefit

International payments

Introduction to Child, Youth and Family

Invalid's Benefit


Job Search Service


Main benefit payment rates

Main benefits, definition

Main benefits, numbers receiving


New Employment Transition Grant

New Zealand Superannuation, eligibility

New Zealand Superannuation, payment rates

Numbers receiving financial assistance


OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) Subsidy

Other income declared by beneficiaries

Orphan's Benefit and Unsupported Child's Benefit

Other unemployment-associated benefits, definition

Out-of-school care, assistance with costs


Pathways Payment

Payment overseas of New Zealand Superannuation, pensions and main benefits

Payment rates for main benefits

Payment rates for supplementary benefits

People in care, assistance with costs

Purpose of supplementary benefits


Reapplication for Unemployment Benefits

Reassessment for Sickness Benefits

Recoverable Assistance Payments

Residential Care Subsidy

Residential Care Subsidy and Residential Support Subsidy

Residential Support Subsidy



Seasonal Work Assistance

Seeking work, assistance available

Services provided to students

Sick or disabled children, assistance available

Sickness Benefits, definition

Sickness Benefits, reassessment for

Sickness-related benefits

Social security agreements

Sole parents, benefits for

Sole Parent Study Assistance

Sole parents, assistance with training costs

Special Benefit

Special Needs Grants

Special portability arrangement for Pacific countries, benefit and pension payments

Staying in employment, assistance available

Student Allowance

Student Allowance payment rates

Student Allowance Transfer Grant

Student Job Search

Student Loan

Students, main benefits payable to

Students, services available

Students, supplementary benefits payable to

SuperGold Card

Supplementary benefits, payment rates

Supplementary benefits, purpose

Supporting children away from home, assistance available

SWIFTT, MSD database


Temporary Additional Support

Training costs, assistance available

Training Incentive Allowance

Training, assistance for people in

Transfers in the benefit system

Transition to Work assistance

Transition to Work Grants


Unemployed, assistance available

Unemployment Benefits, definition

Unemployment Benefits, reapplication for

Unemployment, definition

Unemployment-associated benefits

Unsupported Child's Benefit and Orphan's Benefit


Veteran's Pension

Veteran's Pension payment rates


War Disablement Pensions

Welfare Reform

Widow's Benefit

Widows, benefits available

Work Start Grant

Work testing, current

Work testing, historic

Working age clients